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This website has been designed to provide students with a central portal to not only get information about education programs from around the world, but also facilitate a connection between students and admissions departments.  As a student, if you are interested in getting more information on available education opportunities, then this website will be extremely helpful.  This site serves as a premier portal for students that strive to improve themselves via education.   

To help you with your educational endeavor, we will not only provide access to information but provide you access to a number of valuable services that will save you time and money in finding your ideal education program.  You will be able to conduct searches of schools from around the world without having to register, however if you want additional information, we ask you to register and create a profile.   The following details the different components of our service.


By registering, you will create a profile that you utilize to find and enroll in schools that interest you.  This profile is available to you at no cost and will provide the following:

  • Access to a school’s vital statistics and information including fees, financial assistance, enrollment forms, detail program information, contact information, and more;
  • Create an e-profile of yourself, including your educational objectives;
  • Upload a student e-portfolio (resume) and 5 other documents, e.g. transcripts;
  • Post up to 5 pictures;
  • Create a list of education programs you are interested in and receive email notifications when a new schools post their profiles;
  • Bookmark your favorite schools/programs;
  • Received email notices on events and important dates from bookmarked schools; and
  • Easily request more information with a simple click of your mouse.

Click here to create a profile. can provide students this services for free as we generate our revenue from advertising and fees charged to schools.  With these revenue streams we can help maximize the opportunities for students to find the education programs they are seeking.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easily search education programs from around the world.
  • Access school information such as programs, financial assistance, fees, primary contacts, URL, community information, housing, special offerings, and much more.
  • Create a Student Profile that enables Admissions professionals to review your credentials online.
  • Be matched to education programs that match your criteria.
  • Receive notification of new schools and programs that are added to the site.
  • Ability to create a Basic profile and obtain school information for free.


  • One stop portal for school and education program information.
  • Education programs from around the world.
  • Save time in researching and applying to all types of education programs.
  • All levels and types of programs available.
  • Save money in research and applying to schools.



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