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If your institution is recruiting students, domestic or international, is a great addition to your set of existing tools. The site was developed with improving the effectiveness and productivity of a school’s student recruitment operations. Keeping in mind the different needs of schools, as well as budgetary constraints, this site offers two different types of membership.

Basic Membership:

Our basic membership is a profile available to any education organization, worldwide, that is proactively recruiting students.   Whether your organization is recruiting domestically or internationally, you can create a Basic profile on, which is available for prospective students to search and browse. This profile is FREE.

The following details the services available under the basic membership:

  • Paragraph description of your organization;
  • Program profile, listing all of the education programs offered to students;
  • Picture gallery for your school (3 photos allowed);
  • Link to your education program details;
  • Indexed profile in the school directory;

Online contact form, where students provide you information to contact them with additional information about your organization or education programs.

Create your basic profile now! Click on the following button to register.

Student E-Recruiting Membership:

Beyond the Basic Membership, we offer an Enhanced Membership, which is designed to help improve the effectiveness of your student recruitment strategy. Services available in the annual Enhanced membership are geared toward encouraging students to utilize your institution to progress their education.  The Enhanced membership also allows for more interactivity between your institution and interested students.  Finally, the membership has been designed to save your organization money and increase your student enrollment!

  • Set up a matching profile that will provide access to students who are interested in your school’s programs.
  • Search student profiles.
  • Expand profile description, up to 5 paragraphs.
  • Create a picture gallery of your school with ability to upload up to 10 pictures.
  • Ability to upload video of your school.
  • Utilize the message board for students to leave questions.
  • Upload e-brochures or any other documents.
  • Link to your  institution’s social network(s)
  • Participate in real-time chat sessions with prospects in a “school chat room”.
  • Upload web widgets.
  • Create event directories.
  • Improve your organization’s visibility through your profile search engine optimization.
  • Promote your organization and get more students!

This membership is one year in duration and starts the day a school registers.  There are no contractual obligations. There are no per student charges. The membership fee is flat rate and is $995.00 per annum.

For more information or to register, please click on the “Register Now” button below.  Once your registration form is received, a representative will be in contact with you to complete your account and help you get started recruiting more students.

Value Added Services:

Beyond our annual membership, we offer the following value added services. For more information on these services, click here, and we will be in contact.

  • Online Student Recruitment Fairs
  • Live ("In-Person") Recruitment Events
  • Convert Student Enrollment Forms to Online Versions
  • Student Billeting Matching
  • Consultancy Recruiting Services



Benefits of a Membership:

  • Advertise and expand your marketing reach.
  • Improve connection and interaction with students who want to attend your school.
  • Utilize the Internet for a strong competitive advantage above schools not effectively using the Internet.
  • Improve your recruitment process.
  • Save money.
  • Save time.
  • Increase revenue.


Value of a Membership:

  • Make it easier for students to find and learn about your programs.
  • Improve connection to students without leaving your office.
  • Improve productivity within your recruitment process.
  • Reduce student recruitment costs.
  • Expand your institution’s reach.
  • Reduce your organization’s carbon footprint





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