Advertising Information has opportunities for any organization who is interested in targeting education organizations or participants (students, from all levels) and interested in a highly targeted audience.

Banner Advertising

To maximize the experience of all our users, has made a conscious design choice to minimize banner ad space on our website. However, we do offer the following advertising opportunities:

  • Top of Site, Leader Banner- Standard banner (468x60 pixels) to the right of your logo.
  • Homepage Mid- This is Half a Standard banner (236x60 pixels), which is located in the middle of the Homepage to the right.
  • Homepage Spotlight - This is a rectangle banner (250x145 pixels) located in the mid-bottomof our homepage. There will be a limit of 5 advertisers per month in this location. A banner placement here will also include a profile on
  • Feature School Square (for schools only)- A 245x150 pixel banner specifically to feature schools. This banner is on the home page, lower right. We only allow a maximum of 5 feature schools per month.
  • School Directory/Profile Full Banner- This is a full 728x90 banner located at the bottom of our school directory and basic school profile.
  • Spotlight Profile Square- A 245x150 box banner located on the bottom half of the home page. We only allow a maximum of 5 spotlights per month.
  • Content Square- This is a 250x250 square banner that can be found within the content areas of the website.
  • User Login Half - On the Login/Info pages for both schools and students we provide an opportunity for advertisers to post a half banner (236x60).

We provide direct monthly tenancy advertising to our user base. From our experience, advertisers who in engage in such relationships with our site will receive the higher weighted rotation.  If your organization is interested in a cost-per-click advertising option, join our Google Network, and get your ads placed in the Google AdWords presence on our website.  At this time we do not accept direct CPL or CPA advertising options. For more information on our different options and pricing click here.

Email and Publication Advertising

Beyond banner advertising, our site offers organizations the opportunity advertise on a number of emails and e-publications that we produce.

  • User Activation Emails (school and student)
  • Monthly School eNewsletters
  • Monthly Student eNewsletters
  • Matching Notifications
  • Direct Emails*

Advertising via these channels varies between banner, text, and editorial options. For more information on the different options and pricing, click here.

* Managed, direct emails to both our student and school user base will be offered as of September 2012. Click here to subscribe to our announcement elist and be one of the first advertisers to reach our audience directly through our opt-in, direct email campaign.

Social Networking and Interactive

Our site has five (5) different social networking presences.  These components of our service have been established to keep our user base informed about valuable products, services, programs, and other organizations that can make their quest less complicated and more thorough.  In that, we offer access to organizations to tweet, walls post, or event sponsor one or more of our social networking channels.  We permit text advertising via these channels.  For more information click here.

Mobile Opportunities

We will be launching mobile friendly applications for our site in the next few months.  When our mobile applications are ready to go, we will be offering advertising opportunities there as well. If you would like to receive information on this type of advertising click here.

Multiple Site Channels

Finally, our site is part of a larger network of education specific websites that provides your organization maximum reach to prospects.  We can create a customized advertising package that not only places ads on this site but on our others as well.  Our networks include the following websites:

For more information and cross-site advertising proposal click here.


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