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Every year education institutions from around the world look for students to enroll in their programs.  On the other side, there are hundreds of thousands of students each year who are looking for education opportunities.   There is no central venue for both these groups to connect and internet. Consequently, StudentsChoices.com has been developed as a one-stop shop for school and students to connect with each other.

For Students

StudentsChoices.com provides students access to a portal of schools and their education offerings from around the world.  This site provides easy access to all types  of information a student would need to find and even enroll in education programs.   From a searchable directory to information resource centre to the ability to create a profile, this website will improve the ability to find and enroll in the education program that suits their needs. 

For students, some of the benefits of access information provided on this website include:

  • Easily search for all types of education from K12 through to University Degree programs from around the world
  • Get detailed information on schools including education offerings, enrollment requirements
  • Create a profile and let schools find you
  • Access resources on visas, relocation, billeting and other vital information

For more detailed information on the services available for students, click here.

For Schools

StudentsChoices.com provides schools a marketing and networking tool, which will improve their ability to attract students.   No matter the type of institution or program, this website has been set up to help schools connect with students.

For schools, some of the benefits of getting listed and utilizing this website includes:

  • Reduce student recruitment costs
  • Improve the effectiveness of student recruitment campaign
  • Easily find students who want to attend your institution
  • Get more students to enroll in your programs
  • Increase your the revenue opportunities for your institution

For more detailed information on the services available for schools, click here.

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